A not so deep insight into Sound Sprouts.

We have never shown radioactive Sound Sprouts before… shhh keep it secret.

The State of the NFT Space.

We have seen a boom in the past month on the NFT space, most of this have come on collectibles and art. There are around 8117 NFTs projects only on Ethereum, cryptopunks and artblocks(combined) being the two most famous collections, but innovation on the NFT space is just starting. Actually, innovation has been thriving, one example is polymorphs, a NFT collection which the rarity is not set by the creators but rather by the community, this is achieved through a scramble mechanic.

This Charles is hideous… we love it. We can always scramble his traits and cover that awful torso.

We have seen NFT drops with the purpose of raising funds to contribute to what the community believes, see LobbyLobsters, even artificial intelligent NFTs where you can train your AI agents for multiple purposes, like gaming, finance, etc… But NFTs are also gone through the core mechanics of DeFi protocolos, used them for representing positions inside the protocol, see UniswapV3 and BarnBridge, NFTs can be fractionalized to generate liquidity around them and build upon the shares, see Fractional and RICKS.

To be more precise NFTs are the future of digital asset ownership, the idea of this has made people to believe in the metaverse, a term coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science-fiction novel “Snow Crash”, which envisions a virtual reality-based successor to the internet.

The metaverse will create a highly connected environment with lots of interactive players and complex simulation creating rich experiences, we have seen the potential of the metaverse through games such as World of Warcraft and EVE online that have created virtual economies bigger than some countries, but they are lacking something… true digital ownership of the assets secured by a public blockchain like Ethereum.

But what about Sound Sprouts?

Sound Sprouts won’t be an exemption to this innovation. We aim to build an ecosystem that will create value from the user’s creativity. We have seen this in many games, i.e. we can talk about Minecraft, Roblox, Dreams, Age Of Empires II(we love the amazing custom scenarios the community has created), the Halo Franchise, Warcraft, Little Big Planet, etc… Each one of these being completely different in many ways; however, the core mechanics are still valid to this day: Generate an environment where the user is capable of building its own ideas, creating its own worlds. Now imagine what is possible if we add true digital ownership to this.

Just as the teams that built the aforementioned games, we have a envision a world that can be expanded by the users for the users. We believe that providing the players with enough tools for them to explore their creativity is the best way to build a strong and entertaining product.

The AoE IIDE map editor. Sound Sprouts is working on a similar Garden Editor.

We want Sound Sprouts to be a dynamic world, always changing, always taking different forms, but never stop being a sandbox to boost people’s creativity, Sound Sprouts will create the primitives that will enable players to create the world in which other derivatives can then be created later. With recent advances on scalability, enabling taking computations off chain, but ensuring computation integrity, we can start thinking on AI NFTs to be inside the world which will be necessary to create agents inside the world.

As can be seen, Sound Sprouts want nature and fantasy to be the main characters of this world, providing the users with some “bio-based” and fantastic alter egos.

More on the product development will be shared soon.

Why did Sound Sprouts choose Immutable X?

Sound Sprouts believe in the idea of a decentralized ecosystem, that is why we took to decision to build on Ethereum, but at the moment performing transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain is very limited for projects and users due to high transaction fees, this ends up on poor user experience, and it creates an economic barrier for mainstream adoption.

We like the logo too.

Immutable X is in the forefront of enabling developers to create world-class experiences without trading off the security and network effects of Ethereum. This is achieved using the Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology developed by StarkWare, to make it short: rollups allow for world-class scalability and user experience while retaining the underlying security of Ethereum. Immutable X provide many benefits:

  • Immutable X’s rollup allows for more than 9,000 NFT transfers, trades and mints per second, and these transactions are moved back to Ethereum mainchain in a trustless and verifiable way.
  • Assets on Immutable X can be minted entirely in L2, while retaining the security of L1.
  • Immutable X provides a default marketplace, so there will always be a place to trade, also provides a global order book so orders on one marketplace can be filled in other marketplace.

If you want to know more about roll ups, we recommend this post by Vitalik Buterin.

Be a part of Sound Sprouts.

You’ll be able to be a part of this by participating in the Genesis Event which will begin on December 3rd, 17:00 UTC.

The new website will be released a couple days before the minting. We will make an official announcement.

All Genesis Sprouts will be rewarded with in-garden content, more on this will be announced soon. Also remember that if you are part of one or more of these communities you will be able to claim an exclusive NFT to place in your gardens.

Please stay tuned. Follow us in our social media:

Official website: https://soundsprouts.io

Follow us on twitter and stay tuned!

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Sound Sprouts

Sound Sprouts


#SoundSprouts is a collection of unique plants with OST. Your own musical garden on the blockchain. Social gardens that you can share.