A not so deep insight into Sound Sprouts.

We have never shown radioactive Sound Sprouts before… shhh keep it secret.

The State of the NFT Space.

This Charles is hideous… we love it. We can always scramble his traits and cover that awful torso.

But what about Sound Sprouts?

The AoE IIDE map editor. Sound Sprouts is working on a similar Garden Editor.

Why did Sound Sprouts choose Immutable X?

We like the logo too.
  • Immutable X’s rollup allows for more than 9,000 NFT transfers, trades and mints per second, and these transactions are moved back to Ethereum mainchain in a trustless and verifiable way.
  • Assets on Immutable X can be minted entirely in L2, while retaining the security of L1.
  • Immutable X provides a default marketplace, so there will always be a place to trade, also provides a global order book so orders on one marketplace can be filled in other marketplace.

Be a part of Sound Sprouts.



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Sound Sprouts

#SoundSprouts is a collection of unique plants with OST. Your own musical garden on the blockchain. Social gardens that you can share.