Introducing Sound Sprouts. A unique NFT social project.

We like the plants. We like the music.

We are proud to introduce Sound Sprouts NFT Project. A new social approach project based on NFTs. We like the plants. We like the music.

What is Sound Sprouts?

Once there was a big garden with beautiful plants had the potential to be so much more… Along came a community of shadowy super coders and blockchain advocates with vision, creativity and talent, resulting in transforming common gardens into gardens and spaces in the metaverse that provide the backdrop for community integration, entertainment and education.

Sound Sprouts Gardens

Sound Sprouts is a NFT Project that aims to build a blockchain social game, just… built different.

In Sound Sprouts you will be able to create your own musical gardens using the plants you own. Decorate and share your gardens with your friends, visit other gardens, show off your plants or just chill around taking care of them. Unleash your creativity and create amazing gardens full of functionalities.

Distribute your plants however you want, choose between your available songs to use as background music and select your preferred biome.

We asked Jeff Bezos for a seat in the space trip to record the sound of the stars but… it didn’t work out.

Original art

We are proud to have an amazing team of talented artists and creators, our lead designer and motion animator has worked for Nickelodeon and some big artists, our editor has worked for many mainstream companies and our graphic designer has managed entire design campaigns for important hotel franchises on the Caribbean.

They look nice right? Wait till you watch them dance

We will let the quality speak for itself. Every design is completely original, all made from scratch, every leaf, every texture… were made with care and professionalism.

Original Soundtrack

Music is in our roots. The vibrations of the earth arrive in the form of energy at the roots of the plants, and these in turn transform it into rhythms that are perceptible with just a little of our attention. From time immemorial, these rhythms were complemented with ancestral harmonies that transported us, made us vibrate, and made us feel free through music.

They really know how to play

Our Music team is as great as our Graphics team, one thing we absolutely love about this project is being able to work together with such talented people. All the team is professional, with plenty of experience and they really made an awesome job. You’ll love the music, we are sure of that.

Genesis Event

There will be 9,999 unique plants with multiple traits, 27 of these plants will be ultra-rare and available to mint. Some traits will have more rarity than others, but the shuffling will be completely random. We don’t know how any of the plants will look before minting, excepting for the 27 ultra-rare ones that will be randomly distributed among the 9,999 available.

The minting price will be 0.08 ETH. Maximum minting price will be 0.08 ETH, even if the market goes down.

Be a part of Sound Sprouts

The tech team has made sure rarity sniping won’t be possible, since the metadata won’t be available before minting (not even for us) and the reveal will be on the same day.

All the metadata and assets will be hosted on IPFS using Pinata, but we will move it to arweave and Dfinity to ensure they are live forever. We believe in decentralization as it is the future.

Genesis Event date: November 28th 2021. Starting at 17:00 UTC.

Fund Distribution

The funds collected from the Genesis Event will be split in the following:

  • Product Development (45%): Used for sound Sprouts Gardens development, from technology to art. We will use this to hire more people and boost our efforts.
  • Team Funds (35%): Split among the development team of Sound Sprouts.
  • Treasury (20%): Used for special events, DAO contributions (more on this coming soon), donations and last but not least, we can use these funds for development purposes in case the Product Development fund is not enough.

The Product Development Funds and the Treasury will be managed by a multi-sig and disclosed publicly to the community.

Note: We expect to sell at least 50% on the Genesis Event in order to keep going with this plan, in case we raise less funds, we will share what will be the following steps in our official channels.


Summarized Roadmap.

We are really committed to Sound Sprouts, we are already a working team and will work to deliver all the stuff we have talked about -and more-. We will be a transparent team. Weekly AMAs will take place on our discord every Thursday 18:00 UTC starting in October 21st 2021. We will answer all your questions regarding the Sound Sprouts Project.


We are proud of our work, we are a cool team with cool vibes. we will be working everyday to deliver a product that all the blockchain users deserve. No centralized metadata/assets. No ponzi play to earn. No rarity sniping. No over-hyped stuff. Just real and honest work. We are waiting for you to join us.

Official website: (we recommend to enable the audio)

Follow us on twitter and stay tuned!

Join our discord for the latest info and real-time talking:



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Sound Sprouts

#SoundSprouts is a collection of unique plants with OST. Your own musical garden on the blockchain. Social gardens that you can share.